Building a Backyard Oasis with a Home Equity Line of Credit

As the weather begins to heat up and I start to feel the long, hot summer bearing down on me, finding ways to create a backyard oasis for my family to enjoy is always at the top of my “honey-do” list.

In years past, my wife and I have planted a few trees, purchased some so-so patio furniture and tossed a kiddie pool and Slip ‘n’ Slide in the backyard for the kids. But now that our kids are a little older and our time together includes multiple family barbecues and casual get-togethers each summer season, we have finally decided to make our ramshackle backyard into an outdoor retreat that really suits who we are and how we live.

Since we’ve been in our home for several years and housing prices in our neighborhood have skyrocketed recently, we thought it was time to take out a home equity line of credit (also known as a HELOC). By using the equity we have built up in our home over the years, we were able to create the backyard we’ve always dreamed of.

The home equity process was quick and simple. All we had to do was find out how much our home was worth, what our payoff was and provide a few other bits of information – and in no time we were off and running! Our home improvement line of credit application took just a couple of minutes to complete – and within seconds of completing our online application, our HELOC loan was approved.